Currency Code Look Up Java

Currency Code Look Up Java


Review the section 8.6 – Array traversal

Using the provided Java program, complete the code to do the following:

  1. The changes to the methods are listed in the comments above the method names. 
  2. Modify the method findMyCurrency() to do the following:

         a. Use a do-while loop

         b. Prompt for a currency to find. 

         c. Inside this loop, call the lookUpCurrency() method can pass the inputed currency code value.

         d. The lookUpCurrency() method needs to loop through the list of currencies and compare the passed currency code with the currency code in the array. Display the results as in the example below.

              Look at the showCurrencies() method for a example of how to loop for each element.

              In the lookUpMyCurrency() method

                             If found – Display the currency code and index where it was found – i.e. “FJD found at index 0”.

                             If not found – Display the currency code and ” Currency Code NOT found!”. 

            b. Prompt with “Retry Y/N ?” to try again. If I select N, then exit the loop.   Allow any other char to restart the loop and prompt for a currency to find.

Because you are comparing strings, remember to use the .equals method – not ==.

Enter a Currency Code to Find: USD

USD Currency code found at index _##__

Retry Y/N ? Y

Enter a Currency Code to Find: ZZZ

ZZZ Currency code NOT found!

Retry Y/N ? N

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